SQUID ERROR: NTLM Authentication validating user. NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL

Ошибка при аутентификации ntlm_auth
Аутентификация ntlm не работает(NTLM Authentication validating user. Result: {result=BH, notes={message: NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL; }} ) если не добавить нужные права:

chgrp winbindd_priv /var/lib/samba/winbindd_privileged
gpasswd -a proxy winbindd_priv

Обязательно остановите и перезапустите squid.

Наблюдалось как в Debian 8 так и в 10.

Выдержка из man ntlm_auth:
The winbindd(8) daemon must be operational for many of these commands to function.

Some of these commands also require access to the directory winbindd_privileged in $LOCKDIR. This should be done either by running this command as root or providing group access to the winbindd_privileged directory. For security reasons, this directory should not be world-accessable.

Server-side helper for use with Squid 2.5’s NTLMSSP authentication.

Requires access to the directory winbindd_privileged in $LOCKDIR. The protocol used is described here: http://devel.squid-cache.org/ntlm/squid_helper_protocol.html. This protocol has been extended to allow the NTLMSSP Negotiate packet to be included as an argument to the YR command. (Thus avoiding loss of information in the protocol exchange).

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